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How do I apply?

Computer Science

We are delighted you are interested in the degree programme Computer Science (CTS). We hope the following information will help you successfully secure a place at our University of Applied Sciences.

How to apply in three steps:

  1. If you have a foreign entrance qualification, you need to apply to the “Studienkolleg Konstanz” for recognition of your certificates. If this recognition is successful, they will give you the certificate we need for your application. This recognition may take some time to be processed, therefore we encourage you to start the process as soon as possible.
    You can find the application portal of the “Studienkolleg Konstanz”here.
    You can find the required documents here.
    For further questions about the recognition process, please contact the “Studienkolleg Konstanz” via email.

  2. Go to Select “Login to application portal” and register an account. This portal will open in April each year.

  3. Login and make your application through, print it, sign it and send it to Ulm University of Applied Sciences with the required documentation.

Application deadline

The degree programme CTS is only offered in the winter semester.

Applications for the degree programme Computer Science (CTS) at Ulm University of Applied Sciences can be made until July 15th. This is a cut-off date. That means applications which are received later or do not contain all the required documents will not be considered, even if missing the deadline was not your fault. The relevant date is the date when your application reaches the University of Applied Sciences. The date of the postmark is irrelevant. Since your application can only be processed if all the documentation is complete and submitted by the deadline, we recommend that you apply early so that any questions arising can be clarified in time before the close of applications.

Recognition of your certificates by the “Studienkolleg Konstanz” can take some weeks, and if one or more documents are missing, it will take even longer. Therefore we advise you to start this paperwork as soon as possible, since you need to have this certificate in order to apply through

Required documentation

•    Certificate of your entrance qualification
•    If you have a foreign entrance qualification: recognition of your certificate by the Studienkolleg Konstanz
•    Certificate of language proficiency in English (TOEFL, Cambridge Certificate, …), level B2 or higher
•    Completed form regarding your level of German language skills
•    Statement of Purpose (your motivation to study Computer Science at Ulm University of Applied Sciences)
•    Curriculum Vitae
•    Photocopy of passport (if applicable)

Please do not submit any original documents with your application.

Admissions process

After you have sent your application documents to Ulm University of Applied Sciences, you should check the status of your application on on a daily basis. Study places are issued according to the average grades on the higher education entrance qualification certificate. Completed subject-specific vocational training and employment will also be taken into account.

After receiving Notification of Admission via – i.e. you have been granted a study place - you must enrol either in writing or in person, within 10 days from the date on the Notification of Admission letter. You can find the precise dates and requirements for the enrolment on the Notification of Admission letter.

If necessary, please apply for your visa as soon as you receive your admission letter (email), to ensure you can start your programme in time.

We strongly recommend you find out what is needed to obtain your entry visa and, where necessary, arrange an appointment with the German representatives (embassies and consulates general) responsible for your place of residence in advance. The date of the appointment should be as soon after the 24th of July as possible.


Every semester you will have to pay a matriculation fee (around 170 € WS17/18). This fee is adjusted from time to time.

In addition, in Baden-Württemberg, international students who enter from outside the EU for the purpose of studying are expected to pay a fee of 1,500 Euros per semester. Students from EU-countries are not affected by this.


If you are accepted to study at Ulm University of Applied Sciences, you will receive a written Notification of Admission giving you all the information you need about enrolment. Please read the information carefully and adhere to the specified registration period.

To enrol at Ulm University of Applied Sciences, you must present the documents specified in the Notification of Admission to the SSC, along with evidence that you have paid the administration fee and the fee for the Students' Union. As confirmation of enrolment, you will be issued with enrolment certificates for the current semester. You can get your semester ID card (THU-Card) and online-account at the SSC (Students’ Service Centre) when you arrive at Ulm University of Applied Sciences for your degree programme.

If you are not able to register yourself, then we need your written authorisation stating who can register on your behalf.

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