PagesProjects of IECN

​The projects have the overall goal to link institutions and students within the IECN. Students get the ability to work within international groups and extend their international network.

Project 1: "Solar Components Field Test"

  • Goal of the project is to continuously capture and analyze solar component behavior under extreme environmental conditions. The results will be shared for further  research and can lead to a common publications. The test infrastructure is done by each participant.
  • Download detailed description by clicking here (you find the description in your download area)

Project 2: "Emergency Energy Backup Supply Systems "

  • This project has the objective to develop a technical solution that could provide energy for different strategic social sectors such as health, security, public lighting and telecommunications. This technology would consist of implementing different renewable energy systems or a hybrid system that could provide a reliable and continuous source of electricity for strategic activities. The project is done by different student groups within the network.
  • Download detailed description by clicking here (you find the description in your download area)