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Das Bild zeigt einen Ausschnitt über den Kalender des akademischen Jahres der Technsichen Hochschule Ulm.

Dates and Events

All the important dates during the academic year at Ulm University of Applied Sciences

​​Here you will find selected events and lectures organized by Ulm University of Applied Sciences (THU) or the student union.
An overall overview of the academic year at THU with all dates that could be important for you in the current and following semester (deadlines for registering for classes or withdrawing from exams, examination periods, deadlines for applications to the examination committee) you can download from the Intranet for each semester:
Summer seme​ster 2024​ | Winter semester 2024/2025


Committee Election6/24/20246/28/2024
Last day of lectures in the summer semester 7/5/2024
Examination weeks 7/8/20247/26/2024
End of the summer semester8/31/2024
Start of the Winter semester9/1/2024
Start of preparatory courses9/16/2024
Academic graduation ceremony in the Aula and awarding of diplomas9/27/2024 4:15 AM h
Introduction for new students by the President and Deans9/30/2024 10:00 AM hAula - Prittwitzstraße
Communal church service for students and lecturers of all denominations in Ulm10/1/2024 8:30 AM h
Start of lectures for all semesters10/1/2024 9:50 AM hDifferent rules may apply for joint degree programs with Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences and Ulm University, as well as for elective subjects.
General assembly of Ulm modelers with get-together10/16/2024 3:00 PM hReplacement new building Campus Eselsberg
Period for study trips / exhibitions11/18/202411/22/2024
Last day of lectures in the winter semester 1/24/2025
End of the winter semester2/28/2025