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Welcome to Ulm University of Applied Sciences

Welcome to Ulm University of Applied Sciences

Your experience at Ulm University of Applied Sciences starts here

​Are you interested in studying at Ulm University of Applied Sciences, or would you like to do an exchange semester with us? We offer many opportunities to enrich your academic and professional career. Studying at Ulm University of Applied Sciences means close contact between students and professors, small class sizes and many practically-oriented projects.

We look forward to welcoming you to our University of Applied Sciences and hope you will enjoy your stay with us!

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Not only does Ulm offer the possibility of an excellent education, it also has numerous sights for you to visit in your leisure time. Our Digital Media students have created interactive clips to show you interesting places, explain German traditions, and give you useful advice for everyday life in Ulm and around Ulm:

Interactive clips - In Ulm and around Ulm

The International Office

The International Office supports and advises all our international students: exchange students from our partner universities, international students who decide to do their Bachelor's or Master's degree at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences, as well as researchers, lecturers and visitors from across the globe. We also organize orientation weeks for foreign students coming from partner universities, plan excursions, inform students about student life in Ulm and help exchange students in finding suitable accommodation.

In addition, the International Office is responsible for the university's contacts abroad and for promoting and maintaining contractual relationships with partner universities. Furthermore, it provides information and general guidance to the students of Ulm University of Applied Sciences regarding the possible ways of spending a semester abroad, as well as Student Exchange programs.

Our Team:
Stephanie Wagner
Director of the International Office & Counseling on Study Abroad
Prittwitzstrasse 10, room E03b
89075 Ulm
Phone: +49 (0)731 96537-644

Anita Everett
International Exchange Students Coordinator
Prittwitzstrasse 10, room E04a
89075 Ulm
Phone: +49 (0)731 96537-397

Christine Schurr
International Degree Seeking Students Coordinator
Prittwitzstrasse 10, room E04a
89075 Ulm
Phone: +49 (0)731 96537-656

Jeanette Kolb
Coordinator of Internships & Thesis abroad, Financial Support and Buddy Program
Prittwitzstrasse 10, room E04b
89075 Ulm
Phone: +49 (0)731 96537-484

Stefanie Dennis
Coordinator of the ERASMUS+-Program
Prittwitzstrasse 10, room E03a
89075 Ulm
Phone: +49 (0)731 96537-698

Exchange Students

Do you want to study at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences for one or two semesters and get some international experience? No problem!

You can find detailed information on our Exchange Programs Website.

Exchange Programs


Exchange students are asked to first choose a program and then go to the International Office of their home university to get some general information about the conditions and application deadlines. You will be nominated by the International Office of your home university.

We will then send you the link to our online application form which also includes the housing request form and the language proficiency form. A TOEFL test or a German language certificate is not required, but you should be able to follow lectures in English or German (level B1/B2). The deadline for the next spring semester is November 1st and the deadline for the next winter semester is May 1st.

After you have been accepted by the appropriate university department, you will receive a letter with general information, an admission letter and some important information concerning arrival dates and your stay in Ulm.


Accommodations will be booked by the International Office upon receipt of the housing request form. All exchange students will stay in student residences of the housing office (Studierendenwerk Ulm), depending on availability. All rooms are single rooms. Each floor has its own Kitchen. Bathrooms and kitchen will be shared with other students. Please note: in Germany accommodation is not separated by gender. Blankets, bed sheets and pillows will be provided by the dorms but please bring your own towels. There will be no equipment for cooking. We recommend to bring or to buy a small amount of personal kitchenware. Furthermore, you may buy an adapter to use electrical appliances here. The voltage in Germany is 230 Volt (50 Hz).

Housing prices are between €350 and €450 per month. Students will be placed by the Studierendenwerk Ulm on availability basis, unfortunately preferences cannot be considered. If you accept the assigned room, you have to sign the contract. A security deposit of €300 must be made upon arrival. The money will be withdrawn from your German bank account which you will need to open during the first days of stay. We will assist you in doing so.

The checking-in into the dorms is possible from Monday through Friday, 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Please note that check-in and check-out are only possible Monday - Friday. We will assign student tutors to assist you when checking in. For check-out please make an appointment with the janitor in your dorm at least 10 days before you plan to leave in order to have your room inspected.

Health Insurance

Your full health insurance coverage is a precondition for your legal stay in Germany and it is absolutely necessary for your residence permit and for your registration as a student. EU-students bring their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Non-EU-students have to sign up with a German health insurance company because insurances from Non-EU countries do not fulfill the requirements stipulated by German law and are therefore not valid for your enrollment as a student!

We recommend to buy travel insurance for your trip to Germany and to sign a contract with a compulsory German health insurance company within your first days here in Germany. During the Welcome and Orientation Program, the International Office will help you with this.

You are free to choose an insurance company according to your preferences. The monthly insurance premium for students is the same for all German public health insurance companies and amounts to approximately € 130 per month. For more information on health insurance, please contact Anita Everett by email.

Arriving at THU

You should make sure you arrive on the dates specified by your program and be present on the registration days. Our arrival dates are the first working day of March, April, September or October.

All European students please bring your European Health Insurance Card EHIC)!

The International Office and student tutors will help you organizing your stay in Ulm.

Within the first 2 weeks of your stay we will

  • assist you in opening a German bank account
  • provide you with an e-mail account at Technische Hochschule Ulm
  • help you in filling out the needed forms for the Registration Office and for the Foreigners’ Registration Office in Ulm or Neu-Ulm. Student tutors will accompany you to the different offices.
  • help Non-EU-students to sign up for a German health insurance company
  • will show you the university and the city

The Activity fee for each student is currently € 55 (subject to change).

General Information

Information about

  • How to get to Ulm
  • Climate
  • Money
  • Food
  • Dates
  • Some safety tips
  • Field trips

can be found in the following document (PDF).

International Degree Seeking Students

International students who wish to come to Ulm University of Applied Sciences as Degree seeking students should contact the Student Services:

Student Service Center

Phone: +49 (0)731 96537-700

Starting winter semester 2017/18, universities in Baden-Württemberg will begin charging moderate tuition fees for non-EU international students. 

Preparatory Course for international prospective students

Ulm University, Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences and Ulm University of Applied Sciences offer a preparatory course for international prospective students who wish to apply for a German speaking study program. It includes an intensive linguistic as well as general and subject specific preparation for your studies. The universities provide more detailed information on the FOKus web page.

Computer Science

Interested in studying computer science at Ulm University of Applied Sciences? We are pleased to welcome you here!

To provide you with useful information we offer answers to frequently asked questions regarding the study program and the video of the latest webinar and testimonials of our students.

Financial Assistance

Each semester, the International Office offers a limited amount of financial assistance.

Exchange students:
The Ulm University of Applied Sciences informs the partner universities in case scholarships are available. Usually the selection is done by the sending institution.

International degree seeking students:
Ulm University of Applied Sciences has some limited funding for international degree seeking students:
The final-phase degree grant is intended for foreign students in the final phase of their studies. That means: international students may receive financial assistance in their last or penultimate semester. Other criteria are merit and need. The assistance should primarily prevent financial hardship for examination candidates who have previously partially funded their studies by working. The awarding and amount of the scholarships is decided by the selection committee made up of professors and International Office staff. First and foremost, the assistance is awarded for the semester in which the thesis is to be written.

If you wish to apply for financial assistance to complete your degree, please be aware of the following: Students may apply up to 12 months before the estimated graduation date. The expectation that you will be able to finish your degree in the next semester or the one after that, based on your existing grades, is sufficient.

The scholarship for highly committed students can be granted to students with good and very good academic achievements (overall average grade of at least 2.5) and a high commitment on international activities at the THU (voluntary or low-paid), such as mentoring international students, assisting in cultural events or tandem/mentoring programs.

Each scholarship can be received once.

DAAD Prize

Each year THU awards the DAAD Prize for outstanding achievements and social or intercultural commitment to an international student. The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) provides a grant, funded by the Federal Foreign Office. International students who are in the second half/ in an advanced stage of their Bachelor or Master studies at THU, are welcome to apply for the prize of 1000€.

Only non-mobile degree-seeking foreign students can apply for this prize (those who have acquired their university entrance qualification abroad/in a foreign country). Exchange students and students who completed their secondary education in Germany (Bildungsinländer) are excluded from the application. If the university entrance qualification has been acquired at a Studienkolleg (preparatory course for studies) in Germany, the International Office will check whether you belong to the group of eligible foreigners.

Please contact the International office in case you would like to apply for one of the above mentioned scholarships.

Further Information for International Students

On the web pages of the German Academic Exchange service (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst – DAAD), you will find further information and some videos about studying in Germany and about costs of living.


Information about the Buddy-Program for our international exchange students at Ulm University of Applied Sciences (THU)

A Buddy is a THU-student who will pick you up at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences after your arrival. Your Buddy will show you the dorm, the city and the University. If you have any questions about the life in Ulm you can ask her or him. But she/he will not only help you with organizational questions. She/he knows where to go out in the evening and might also turn into a good friend here.

Why would I need a Buddy?

If it is your first time in a new city or in another country, for sure you will have a lot of questions. We created the Buddy-Program to ensure that you will have a great time here in Ulm and at our University.

How and when can I apply for a Buddy?

The International Office will send you the registration form before your arrival in Ulm.

What can I expect from my Buddy?

Prior to your arrival, your Buddy will contact you via email, so you can exchange interests and hobbies with her/him. Your Buddy or a student tutor will pick you up at your arrival, bring you to your dorm and answer your questions about the life here in Ulm. Please note that your Buddy won't be there to answer your questions 24/7 and you can't expect from her/him to meet with you every day, because she/he has to do a lot for her/his studies.

What can I ask my Buddy, with what questions should I go to the International Office?

You can ask her/him everything in connection with the life in Ulm and the university e.g. where to get a haircut or a good coffee. Everything that is official or related to your studies will be answered at the International Office e.g. dormitory, health insurance, visa, banking, registration, academic matters ...

If I don't get along with my Buddy or if my Buddy doesn't answer when I have a question, what do I do?

You can contact the responsible of the Buddy-Program, if you don't get along with your Buddy. We will try to find another Buddy for you. Furthermore, you can always ask one of the tutors of the International Office. They will help you whenever they can. 

International Projects

EURYDICE – ERASMUS Capacity Building

The overarching aim of the EURYDICE Project is to increase students’ employability in the field of renewable energies, on the basis of closer collaboration between universities and industry.

Industry often expresses concern that graduates lack practical/applied experience, and that it therefore takes a long time to get young starters to perform as required. This lack of practical experience is found at all levels of the education system in South Africa. As South Africa is also within an energy transition, huge investments in the renewable sector will be undertaken. This will lead to the generation of a significant number of new jobs and employment opportunities in this sector over the next few years, and result in industry and investors having a clear picture of how the regulator wants the energy system to evolve. Therefore, the project is focused on a higher education framework in renewable energies, from vocational training up to doctoral studies, with the overall goal of enhancing employability.

Project duration: 01/2020 - 01/2023
Project coordinator: Prof. Dr. Marc-Oliver Otto (

ERASMUS KA 107 Projects

The Erasmus+ Program KA107 is funding the mobility of students and staff to countries outside of the EU (so called partner countries). This extension of the regular Erasmus+ mobility aims to foster the international cooperation between THU and its partner universities in St. Petersburg, Russia and in Daegu, South Korea.

MedTec+ ERASMUS Strategic Partnership

The goal of this Erasmus+ project is to develop and establish a framework for the multilingual use of learning management system modules in order to make knowledge about this technologies accessible to students or medical professionals with different requirements and prerequisites. These blended learning pilots can not only be used internationally in higher education, but also offer a high potential for further education and training independent of location and time, also outside of colleges and universities.
Homepage: More information coming up soon
Project duration: 04/2021 - 04/2023
Project coordinator: Prof. Dr. Michael Munz (



General Information

Arrival Package

Information from Ulm University of Applied Sciences

    Information from Studierendenwerk Ulm

    • ASSIST (PDF) - Active Partnership and Support of Senior Consultants for International Students
    • EUF (PDF) - Erasmus Ulm + Friends

    International Office
    Room: E03a
    Prittwitzstraße 10
    89075 Ulm
    Fon: +49 731 96537-751
    Mo-Th 9:30am-11:30am
    Mo-Th 1:30pm-2:30pm