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The Students

Students' Council (VS)

Your student representation

We, the Students' Council of Ulm University of Applied Sciences, represent students' interests on the various University of Applied Sciences boards.We are your voice for implementing changes and improvements, and act as an intermediary between the students and the members of the University of Applied Sciences.

As enrolled students, you are automatically a member of the Students' Council and therefore very welcome to get actively involved. Here you have the following options:

  • Participate in the internal THU board elections

  • Become a candidate for a position as a student representative on a board

  • Come to a Student Council meeting

In addition, the Students' Council (VS) promotes the social, financial and cultural interests of students.

We are your contact if you have problems or questions regarding your life at university. We keep you up-to-date via the Students' Council Moodle Course and our Instagram account. You are very welcome to sign up for the course and follow us on Instagram.


The Students' Council (VS) is a component body of Ulm University of Applied Sciences, governed by public law. We are therefore part of various University of Applied Sciences boards and we also have our own. The following diagram gives you an overview of the Students' Council's internal structure:


The Senate is the most important board of the University of Applied Sciences. Here the students, deans and the president make decisions together on general matters regarding studying and teaching. In this case, the interests of students are represented by six elected student senators.

Department Council

Each of the six faculties (E, G, I, M, P, T) at Ulm University of Applied Sciences has its own Department Council. The relevant dean, the professors and elected student representatives make decisions regarding matters concerning the relevant faculty. Each Department Council has six elected student representatives. One of these is nominated as the department speaker and another as the speaker's deputy.

Student Council

The Student Council (StuRa) is an internal board of the Students' Council (VS). It makes decisions on fundamental matters concerning students and forms the legislative body of the Students' Council (VS). The four directly-elected members and the six student senators are entitled to vote. Furthermore, the department speakers and their relevant deputies are members in an advisory capacity.

The Student Council (StuRa) meetings are generally open to the whole University of Applied Sciences. Consequently we warmly welcome you, as an enrolled student, to participate. Here you can raise your comments and wishes, for example, for new events and similar.


The AStA (General Students' Committee) is the executive body of the Students' Council (VS) and runs the daily business of the student body. It comprises the chairperson, two deputies and the treasurer and is elected by the Student Council (StuRa).

Responsibilities and fields of activity

According to section 65 of the State Higher Education Act (LHG), the Students' Council (VS) has the following responsibilities:

  1. Awareness of the interests of the students, with regard to university policy, subject-specific and cross-subject interests, as well as social, economic and cultural interests.

  2. Involvement in university activities

    • General higher education activities (…)
    • Freedom for science, research, teaching and studying • Equal opportunities, equality, antidiscrimination
    • Evaluation
    • Cooperation between universities (see e.g. joint degree programs)
    • Structure and development planning

  3. Promoting political education and students' awareness of their responsibilities as a citizen.

  4. Promoting equal opportunities and removing disadvantages within the student body.

  5. Promoting the integration of foreign students.

  6. Promoting sporting activity for students.

  7. Promoting student relations both nationally and internationally.

Here we cooperate and share the workload with the Studierendenwerk (Students' Union), the UStA e.V. and the ProTHU Association.


Every year, the Students' Council (VS) organizes the summer party, an evening where students and staff can enjoy a beer together with music from the University of Applied Sciences Band. We are also responsible for organizing the annual greenhouse party.

If you have ideas or would even like to organize an event, we are always happy to welcome motivated students.


The Students' Council has organized membership of the Ulm University Sports Association for you. This enables you to benefit from the wide range of courses on offer there and use them without restrictions.

Together with THU, the Students' Council enters a team for the Einstein Marathon in Ulm and the Spartan Race in Munich. If you enjoy running or would like to take part in this kind of obstacle race, you could take the chance to represent your University of Applied Sciences.

What's more, once a year we offer the chance to take part in our ski trip, organized and co-financed by the Students' Council (VS).


If you are looking for musical variety in your life as a student, you can find it with the University of Applied Sciences Choir, the University of Applied Sciences Orchestra or in the University of Applied Sciences Band. The Students' Council (VS) is able to provide financial support for these cultural offerings with new sheet music or new instruments.

Student projects

Motivated students who take a broader view start many projects on their own initiative (from small ones to quite large ones). Take a look at current projects here. If your project is not yet listed, come and talk to us. We always welcome new projects and will support all your interests as far as we can.

Advantages for you via the Students' Council (VS)

On your behalf, the Students' Council has arranged memberships of a variety of organizations and clubs, which entitle you to various discounts as a student at Ulm University of Applied Sciences.

  • Örlinger-Tal-Weg car park: due to the lack of car parking options at our Prittwitzstrasse campus, the Students' Council rents the car park in Örlinger-Tal-Weg.

  • Membership of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD): giving you help when planning your semester abroad.

  • Thanks to the Students' Council's membership of Uni Ulm's Sports Association, the fees you have to pay are reduced and you can also get insurance.

  • Membership of the German University Sports Federation: advantages such as insurance for university sporting events

  • Membership of the German Youth Hostel Association: giving you reduced prices for overnight stays

  • Membership of the German Association of Student Representatives: this association represents the interests of us students in the political arena.

How is the Students' Council financed?

The Students' Council is financed by a part of the semester fees you pay at the start of your semester. Currently the charge per student is EUR 15.00 per semester. The Student Council (StuRa) decides how these financial resources are used, subject to the Students' Council's (VS) responsibilities and fields of activity.

Furthermore, the Students' Council's (VS) has the right to make suggestions regarding the use of the quality assurance resources the University of Applied Sciences receives from the State of Baden-Württemberg. This gives us an influence over the University of Applied Sciences' fiscal policy.

Service and advice

Since 2017, we have our own part-time employee whose role includes improving the networking of the Students' Council within the University of Applied Sciences and increasing our availability for you. During lecture periods, you will find him in C029a (PWS, opposite the cafeteria) during office hours – on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 am, or by appointment. During lecture-free periods, please arrange an appointment to be on the safe side. If he is not on holiday, then he is generally on the premises at least once a week.

He can provide you with the following:

  • Information on ways to get involved in the Students' Council (VS)

  • Information on the responsibilities and services of the Students' Council (VS)

  • Help with registering new student projects and help carrying out existing, established student projects (see section "Student projects")

  • Information on university sport

  • Advice on additional funding for university excursions

  • Information and advice on using QS resources

  • Air pump and tools for bikes (loan only)

  • Table tennis bats and balls (loan only)

  • Soccerspeed lubrication spray for the rods of a foosball table

  • Rapid help in emergencies, even outside opening times for the sale of educational materials

  • A listening ear for all student interests – including completely confidential discussions concerning all matters associated with the University of Applied Sciences

  • Advice or just confidential contemplation of ideas – and also complaints: to whom can I go with a problem and what's the best way to go about it? What could be improved at THU and how can the Students' Council provide active support?


Verfasste Studierendenschaft (Students' Council)

Prittwitzstrasse 10 - 89075 Ulm
Tel: +49 (0)731-5028161


Elmar Dollinger
Students' Council (VS Ulm)
Ulm University of Applied Sciences
Prittwitzstrasse 10 – 89075 Ulm

0731 50 28 132

You can find the latest information about the Students' Council via our Moodle course or the VS Instagram account @vs_thu.

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