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Gebäude Albert-Einstein-Allee

Information for the first semester

All information for the first semester at a glance

Welcome to THU! The following will give you some useful initial information on starting your studies. Important news will either be sent via e-mail or can be found on our website.

​Important information!

During your studies, one of the most important internet portals will be the SELMA student portal:

You can find instructions and news about the student portal in our SELMA Moodle course.

You can use the SELMA student portal from the start of the semester. To download your enrollment certificate, please establish a VPN connection​ first, and then call up the student portal​. Once you have logged in, click on the "Certificates (Bescheinigungen)" icon. ​​More detailed information is available below, under "IT Services and portals".​

Welcome for first semester students

The first semester welcome ceremony will take place on 11.03.24 from 09:30 in the Prittwitzstraße auditorium.


09:30-10:15 a.m. Central welcome event for all Bachelor's and Master's students in the auditorium
10:15-11:20 a.m. Info fair in the foyer of the auditorium with drinks served by VS
11:30-12:30 a.m. Introductory events in the faculties
12:00 p.m. Lunch break
from 13:00 p.m. ​Registration for the VS city rally at the VS bar

​Directions and opening times

THU has two campus locations: Prittwitzstrasse and Albert-Einstein-Allee. You'll find an overview of the sites, directions and opening times here.

Preparatory courses (Bachelor's only)

Before lectures start in earnest, THU offers you the chance to take some preparatory courses. You'll get to know the University of Applied Sciences and your chosen degree subject better, as well as making your first new friends. We recommend participating in these courses, as they will prepare you for student life.
Click here to register or to find out more about our preparatory courses (in German).

​Important dates

You'll find all the important dates concerning student life at THU here.

Information about my degree program

The "downloads" section of the webpage for your Bachelor's or Master's degree program includes the course and examination regulations, the module handbook and important contact details, such as for your department office and program coordinator.​

Students' Council (VS)

Students at THU are represented by the Ulm Students' Council (VS), who are also happy to help if you have questions about settling in during your first semester.
It represents students' interests on the various University of Applied Sciences boards. The Students' Council is your voice for implementing changes and improvements, and acts as an intermediary between students and the members of the University of Applied Sciences. As an enrolled student, you are automatically a member of the Students' Council and are therefore very welcome to get actively involved. You can find out more about the VS on the Verfassten Studierendenschaft website​, via the VS Moodle course and their Instagram account.​

Ulm Students' Union (Studierendenwerk Ulm) BAföG, accommodation, catering

Note: If you haven't yet received your THU-Card by the start of the semester, you can still get your student discount in the canteen (Mensa). Just tell the staff there that you're in your first semester, and pay for your food with your EC card. (No cash payments!)

As a partner of the THU, the Students' Union (Studierendenwerk) aims to create the best possible social conditions to help students complete their studies successfully.
As a charitable organization, the Students' Union is not-for-profit as a matter of principle, and is able to offer many services at fair prices. The Students' Union provides expert support for students in the following areas:

IT Services and portals

There are a range of IT services which will accompany you throughout your student life. The most important are summarized here. A VPN connection is a prerequisite for most functions!​

  • The SELMA student portal:
    • Course allocation, timetable and exam registration​
    • Download certificates
    • Re-registration
    • Making applications (more information under the "Forms and applications" / "Formulare und Anträge" tab)
    • Managing personal data
    • Find help and instructions for the student portal at:
  • LSF​: Registering/canceling registration for classes, timetables and an overview of examinations. Further information on registering/canceling registration for classes
  • Moodle: e-learning
  • Intranet: Important information, forms, contacts
  • e-mail: Contact with other members of the University of Applied Sciences community. Please check your e-mails regularly!

You can find instructions for THU's online services here. (PDF in German)​ 

​You can find out more about THU's IT services here.

Forms and applications

​​Here is a brief summary of the most important applications. You can find a more detailed overview here.

  • ​​The following applications are made via the SELMA student portal at
    • ​Application to re-register: You will receive an e-mail to your university e-mail address with all the important information, including the re-registration period and when it expires
    • Application for a leave of absence
    • Application to be removed from the register of students: First you need to fill out a Certificate of Exoneration (PDF in German). Then you can submit your application to be removed from the register of students via the SELMA student portal
    • Application to change your personal data
  • Application for a refund of fees: You'll need to fill out two forms for this – the THU form (PDF in German) and the Students' Union form
  • Registration of a Thesis: Do this via the Intranet​​


​When the semester is drawing to a close, you will need to re-register for the next semester. You will receive an e-mail to your university e-mail address with all the important information. Please pay attention to the re-registration period specified in the e-mail. Due to the additional work created, an extra fee will be charged if you miss the deadline.
The basic procedure is as follows:

  1. Apply to re-register in the SELMA student portal:
  2. Pay the fees on time to the specified account. Please make sure you enter the reference "Verwendungszweck" information correctly!
  3. Once you have re-registered, extend the validity of your student ID card (THU-Card) using the machine provided for this purpose


​You can find all information about fees here.​

Financial assistance

There are a variety of ways in which you can fund your time at university. In addition to financial support, Ulm University of Applied Sciences offers motivated students a range of other support programs, enabling you to profit from other people's experience in a special network. This can be valuable for your later career. You will find the relevant information about the various scholarships, loans and the BAföG grant on the Funding and mentoring​ page.​

Student Advisory Services

If you're not sure about something, Student Advisory Services are on hand to help you.​

​More information and contacts

​To which department does my degree program belong? This and other questions are answered here, in the FAQs.



Students' Service Centre
Room: E09c
Prittwitzstraße 10
89075 Ulm
Fon: +49 731 96537-700