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Energy relief package for students

Applications can be submitted from March 15, 2023

Students who were enrolled at a university on December 1, 2022, and also living in Germany at the same time, are entitled to a one-off payment of EUR 200. This also applies to THU students. This is because the Students' Energy Price Allowance Act was passed for the one-off payment of an Energiepreispauschale (EPPSG), or energy relief package. This financial support should help students in Germany with the increased costs for heating, electricity and food – which are often a particular burden. Applications can be submitted from March 15, 2023.

What conditions must be fulfilled in order to apply for the EPPSG?

  1. You must have been enrolled at THU on 1 December 2022?
  2. You need to have been resident in Germany on December 1, 2022.
  3. You need to apply for the payment.
  4. To do this, you must have a BundID.
How to make an application

Start by going to the website.
The application procedure depends on whether you already have a BundID and if you are currently enrolled at the University of Applied Sciences.

  1. Applying with a BundID
    If you already have a BundID, you can use this to register your application. In addition, you only need an access code. Use the following link to get the code from March 15 onwards: You need a VPN connection to get the access code.
  2. Applying without a BundID:
    There are two different ways to do this:
    • Register by entering your personal data. In this case, to make your application later on, you will also need a PIN in addition to the access code. You can apply for this PIN at the THU. You can only retrieve the access code with a VPN connection.
    • Register with your Online ID ((using your identity card, your electronic residence permit, your EU ID card or your eID card (Unionsbürgerkarte)) or an Elster certificate. If you have questions about registering with your Online ID or Elster certificate, please contact the German federal hotline directly on
      +49 800 2623 003

    After you have generated yourself a BundID, you can use this to register for the application procedure on You can get the access code and PIN from March 15 onwards at Please note that you need a VPN connection to get the access code and PIN.

  3. Applications for former students
    • If, in the meantime, you have ended your studies and no longer have access to your THU University Account (Hochschulaccount), we'll send you your access code by post from March 15 onwards to the address we have on file for you. 
    • If you already have a BundID, you can use this access code to make your application.
    • If you don't yet have a BundID, you'll need to generate one first using your Online ID or your Elster certificate. You can find instructions on how to do this at, and the Germany-wide hotline will answer your questions if you call them on +49 800 2623 003.
    • Once you have your BundID and the access code we sent you, you can make your application on the website.
    • If you don't have an electronic ID and can't get one, please set up a BundID account with a username, password and a valid email address, and go to Student Services (SSC) during the opening hours listed on our website. Then we will give you a PIN in addition to your access code.

    Further information
    • A free Germany-wide hotline has been set up for all issues concerning the BundID, Online ID, Elster certificate or making an application on the website. You can call it on +49 800 2623 003.
    • You can make your application and get many useful tips on this website: .
    • For questions concerning your access code, please contact .

Students' Service Centre
Room: E09c
Prittwitzstraße 10
89075 Ulm
Fon: +49 731 96537-700