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Netiquette at Ulm University of Applied Sciences

Rules for treating each other with respect

We are delighted when you post your comments, photos, videos and links on our various social media channels.Our aim is that the discussions regarding the content are interesting for all readers and deliver useful insights.To help ensure all users enjoy using this site, we ask you to observe the following rules.

​What we want:
- Respectful, open and friendly comments
- Tolerance, even if you disagree
- Constructive and thought-provoking posts

What we don’t want:
- Illegal content (insults, right-wing-extremist or racist posts, illegal posts)
- Content harmful to minors (posts which are sexist, pornographic or which glorify violence)
- Advertising
- Inappropriate comments or discrimination
- Publication of sensitive data

We reserve the right to delete posts which infringe these rules.We accept no liability or responsibility for the comments or links posted by users.These posts do not always reflect the opinion of the site operator.We communicate in German and English.
Thank you very much and have fun!

Your Ulm University of Applied Sciences Social Media Team