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Das Bild zeigt den Blick über die Stadt Ulm von der Hochschule Ulm aus.

Accommodation | Transport

Information on moving house and local transport

​Are you new at Ulm University of Applied Sciences and looking for a centrally located, reasonably-priced place to live? Whether in Ulm or Neu-Ulm, there are many options for finding halls of residence, rooms or flats.

Due to the high employment density, the three universities and our central location between Munich and Stuttgart, the demand for accommodation in Ulm and Neu-Ulm has been increasing continuously. This means that accommodation is in short supply and is highly sought-after. This applies particularly before the start of the semester. We therefore recommend that you start looking for a room or a flat as early on as possible.

Because there is a lot to think about when you are looking for a place to live and moving to a new area, we have put together the most important information and addresses for you on the subject of accommodation, moving house and local transport in Ulm. You can get more information and support in your search for accommodation from the Studierendenwerk Ulm (Students' Union).


Student halls of residence

The Students' Union student halls of residence offer particularly appropriate and reasonably-priced accommodation. They have different layouts, locations and facilities. Suitable accommodation is also offered for students with children and for students with disabilities.

There is no application deadline or close of applications for student halls of residence. Therefore, we advise you to apply as early as possible in order to get a room in one of the halls of residence. You can get detailed information about the halls of residence in Ulm, as well as the online application form​ from the Studierendenwerk (Students' Union).​

Private rentals

If you'd prefer to live in a private apartment or have a room in a shared house, you can always seize the initiative and look for a room or apartment on the private rental market.

​Ulm Students' Union (Studierendenwerk Ulm) can also offer you support with this. The housing referral service there is free for both private landlords and those seeking accommodation. The latest apartments and rooms on offer are published in the Studierendenwerk's Private Accommodation File which is updated daily.​

Housing benefit

If you do not (or no longer) receive a BAföG grant, you have the option of applying for financial assistance or housing benefit. You can find out more detailed information from the appropriate housing benefit authority or from the Studierendenwerk Ulm (Students' Union).

Moving house


Even students are obliged to pay a ARD/ZDF/Deutschlandradio contribution. Registering/changing address can be done easily online. If you do receive a BAföG grant, you can get yourself exempted from paying the TV and radio licensing fee.

Registering with the relevant authorities

You need to register at the registration office (Einwohnermeldeamt) within a week of your arrival in town. The documents you need for this are your ID card/passport, certificate of registration at the university, proof of health insurance, two biometric passport photos, evidence of sufficient funds (e.g. grant certificate, payslips from your part-time job or a declaration from your parents about how much money they are going to give you each month) and the rental contract for your accommodation. If you have a car and change your main address, you must also register your vehicle at your local vehicle registration office (KFZ-Zulassungsbehörde).

Health insurance

In Germany, as a student, you are required to have health insurance. You will need a certificate of insurance from your health insurance company in order to register at Ulm University of Applied Sciences. Before starting your studies, please find out whether you are still on your parents' family health insurance, or what your insurance situation is.

Sample rental contract

Once you have found a room or a flat and have the agreement of the landlord, you will both sign a rental contract which is legally binding for you and your landlord. The German Tenants' Association (Deutsche Mieterbund) provides a sample rental contract for this. This provides a safety net for you and your landlord.

Forwarding request

You should also consider setting up a forwarding request with the Deutsche Post AG (if your previous address was in Germany). This means your post will be automatically sent on from your previously registered address to your new address.


Ulm University of Applied Sciences can be reached by bus and tram, using the local public transport network. The Donau-Iller-Nahverkehrsbund-GmbH (DING) is responsible for local public transport in and around Ulm.

As a student, you can apply for a reduced-price Deutschlandticket – the D-Ticket Jugend BW – enabling you to use the urban, regional and local public transport networks throughout Germany. To get one, you must fulfill two conditions: You must be under 28 years old and either live or study in Baden-Württemberg. Get the D-Ticket Jugend BW here.

The D-Ticket Jugend BW offers the same advantages as the regular Deutschlandticket. Just like for the regular Deutschlandticket, you can only buy it as an annual subscription. You can find out more about different types of tickets here.

Further information is available on the SWU​ and the DING​ websites. You can check the exact prices here. Only SWU and DING carry and sell valid tickets.

Please note that traveling on Ulm's public transport network is only permitted with a valid ticket. The option of just using your student ID card to travel on certain routes at certain times without a ticket ceased in February 2024. This option is no longer available at the start of the summer semester in March 2024.