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Im Studiengang Internationale Energiewirtschaft wird als eine Kernkompetenz der professionelle Umgang mit Energie als knappem Wirtschaftsgut gelehrt. Auf dem Bild: Studierende auf dem Dach der Hochschule Ulm.

International Energy Economics

Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)

Degree program to be discontinued

From the 2020/21 Winter Semester, this THU degree program is no longer on offer.

You can apply for or register for other Bachelor's degree programs in the fields of energy and the environment: Energy Technology, Environmental Engineering, International Energy Management or Energy Information Management.

Energy is one of the most urgent and important questions of our time. Sustainable energy generation, sensible distribution and efficient use of energy, also through energy savings, require interdisciplinary know-how. This is why our degree programme International Energy Economics (IEW) combines the subject areas of energy technology, computer science and business studies.

If you are excited by this dynamic and socially-significant industry and the idea of a sustainable energy supply appeals to you, if you want to help shape the energy revolution and are both a technology enthusiast and intrigued by economic interrelationships, then this is the right degree programme for you! In seven semesters it will provide you with comprehensive knowledge about the latest energy technology, as well as the ability to use the necessary information technology and business tools. To be successful in international business, you also need intercultural awareness, which is why spending a semester at one of our more than 60 foreign partner universities is compulsory. To a great extent, how you choose to extend and deepen your knowledge in related and supplementary subjects is up to you.


You can apply for the degree programme International Energy Economics (IEW) if you have an entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences, a subject-specific higher-education entrance qualification, a general qualification for university entrance or a comparable qualification.

Furthermore, an enthusiasm for technology and an interest in economic interrelationships are important prerequisites for this degree programme and your career later on. Energy technology, information technology and business administration form the foundation for the necessary interdisciplinary thinking. However, taking pleasure in looking beyond your own subject area and acquiring language and intercultural expertise are also important for your future career success.

Course schedule

The seven-semester course is divided into a basic study period and a main study period. The basic study period includes the modules up to the end of the second taught semester, the main study period all modules from the third taught semester. Directly after the practical semester (which takes place in the fifth semester), it is compulsory to spend the sixth semester at a foreign partner university of your choice.You are given a great deal of freedom to study related and supplementary subjects or to deepen your knowledge of certain topics. After successful completion of this degree programme you will be awarded the academic degree title "Bachelor of Science".

Module list

Career prospects

The broad and interdisciplinary structure of the course offers you a wide range of potential careers in business, industry and the public sector. It will allow you to work in industrial energy management, energy trading, application development, in local authorities, as well as in energy services and energy supply. However, energy management specialists are not only needed in the energy industry itself. Increasingly they are also finding roles in indirectly-related disciplines such as consulting and project management, as well as in almost all other areas of business. This includes the construction and housing industry, where subjects such as sustainable building and reducing operating costs have been steadily increasing in importance for years. The employment opportunities for graduates of this degree programme are very good.

Against the backdrop of the ongoing energy revolution, with this degree programme you will become a sought-after expert in energy management.

You want to gain further qualifications? Then enrolling in a Master's degree programme is an attractive alternative to starting your career straight away.

You can see what Ulm University of Applied Sciences currently offers here.​​​

Certified quality

By deciding to undertake a quality-assured degree programme at Ulm University of Applied Sciences you are well prepared for the future. All the Bachelor's and Master's degree courses at Ulm University of Applied Sciences are accredited. As part of the accreditation, the feasibility of the degree programme, the contents of the course of study and the suitability of the course's graduates for the requirements of their future careers are assessed. This means that you will receive a degree qualification which is recognised and quality-certified, which will help you with the recognition of your degree programme – both nationally and internationally. The accreditation of the degree programmes at Ulm University of Applied Sciences offers students and employers a reliable guide regarding the quality of the degree programmes.​​ 


Course and examination regulations

Overview of all course and examination regulations
​The course and examination regulations define the conditions and legal requirements for a proper degree course. If you are taking this course "with in-depth practical experience", the same course and examination regulations apply.

Please note: if you are already a registered student at Ulm University of Applied Sciences, it might be that a different version of the course and examination regulations apply for you. The course and examination regulations which were in effect when you started your course are the ones which apply. If in doubt, please contact your programme adviser.
Module handbook
​The module handbook describes the modules belonging to the degree course, their content, the intended learning outcomes, and the form of academic assessment.
​The flyer contains information about course prerequisites, applications, the structure and content of the course and professional profile.

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