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Bachelor's degree programs at THU

Practically-oriented courses for engineers and designers

The Bachelor qualification is your ticket to selected careers or a subsequent Master's degree.The Bachelor's degree programs at Ulm University of Applied Sciences have a broad content and all include a practical semester, enabling contact with industry early on.An individual qualification – appropriate to your abilities and interests – is possible with the selection of compulsory module options, coursework, theses, language courses, student exchanges with foreign partner universities, as well as the acquisition of additional qualifications.

Automotive Engineering

Develop the car of tomorrow:lectures and exercises in design, simulation and mechatronics will prepare you for building the cars of today and tomorrow.more

Business Information Systems

Learn how business administration and computer science can ideally interact with each other.At the end of your studies, you will be able to develop information systems for commercial purposes and apply them in companies.more

Computational Science and Engineering

The joint degree program with Ulm University enables students to use mathematical modeling and computer simulation not only to develop innovative products, but also to drive forward solutions for research.more

Computer Science

If you are interested in computing, are looking for a course taught in English and are aiming for an international career, then you've come to the right place. The course can be formulated individually thanks to a choice of different focus topics.more

Computer Science (INF)

Do you want to discover new worlds, progress technologies and have a hand in shaping the future? Create new communication possibilities with apps, or develop the service robots of tomorrow? Computer Science (INF) makes it possible.more

Data Science in Medicine

The degree programme trains specialists who have excellent knowledge about organising, documenting and processing medical data, and who are able to make use of the opportunities offered by information technology.more

Digital Media

Do you enjoy designing things and are interested in technical systems?Then the degree program Digital Media will open up attractive career prospects for you – from games developer to video editor.more

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Whether the professional application of microelectronics, or the innovative use of software and computer technology – Electrical Engineering and Information Technology will teach you about the fundamental infrastructure of our information society.more

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

If you want to get to the bottom of the secrets of electronic systems and innovate through the professional use of microelectronics, artificial intelligence and embedded computer technology, then you have come to the right place.more

Energy Information Management

How can real-time data from renewable energy production be provided? How can the energy transition be shaped by modern communications technology? more

Energy Systems Technology

You will learn how to design, build and operate the latest energy systems: where regenerative energy sources are just as likely to be used as strategies for reducing energy consumption.more

Health Information Management

Information management is becoming increasingly important for planning and controlling healthcare supply processes and clinical research.The joint degree programme with the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences trains specialists in this area.more

Industrial Engineering

Since company procedures are becoming ever more complex, industry and the service sector need specialists who not only have technical knowledge, but, at the same time, are able to see things from a commercial perspective. more

Industrial Engineering/Logistics

The joint degree programme with the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences is characterised by its combination of technology, business studies and computer science.more

International Energy Economics

The degree programme will give you an interdisciplinary preparation for the energy industry. Students will go to lectures on energy technology, computer science and business studies, and spend a compulsory semester abroad.more

International Energy Management

How can we develop new business models for renewable energy and electromobility?How can we design supply chains in the international energy markets of the future to be economically profitable and to save CO2?more

Mechanical Engineering

Nowadays, mechanical engineers develop and design a huge range of products, from jet engines to nanorobots.The universal engineering education provided by this degree programme will prepare you for this broad range of career options.more


Knowledge from mechanical engineering, electronics and computer science combined in an interdisciplinary, future-oriented subject. The students learn to understand individual technical problems as part of a surrounding overall system.more

Medical Engineering

Technology helping people: medical engineering provides the link between medicine and engineering science. You will learn skills enabling independent working on technical solutions to medical problems. more

Production Engineering and Organisation

Learn about design and manufacturing engineering as well as management, factory planning and logistics, to become an industrial production specialist.more