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Research Team

Research Team

Lead of the research team

Prof. Dr. Felix Capanni
Biomechanics, Implant Technology, Regulatory Affairs

Prof. Dr. Thomas Engleder

Structural Mechanics and Dynamics, Product development, Finite Element Method, Biomechanics

Prof. Dr. Michael Munz
AI, Machine Learning, Sensors

For more information about research, lectures and publications please visit our personal websites.

PhD students

Christian Halbauer, M.Eng.
Nicolas Bader, M.Sc.
Andreas Spilz, M.Eng.
Heiko Oppel, M.Sc.
David Kreuzer, M.Sc.

Researchers and lab engineers

Gabriele Wanner, Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
Oliver Wied, Dipl.-Ing.
Daniel Jäger, M.Eng.

How to find us:

Our lab can be found at the campus Albert-Einstein-Allee (details)

THU – Technische Hochschule Ulm
Research Group Biomechatronics
Lab rooms: R201, R206
Albert-Einstein-Allee 55
89061 Ulm