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Batterieprüfstand am Campus Eberhard-Finckh-Straße

Energy Storage and Fuel Cells

Energy Storage and Fuel Cells

Energy storage is a key element for our future energy supply, on the journey from fossil fuels to regenerative energy sources. The Institute of Energy and Drive Technologies at THU focuses intensively on different electrical and thermal storage technologies. Fuel cells have the potential to be one element of the future energy supply. THU is working on problems concerning the analysis and integration of these technologies into stationary and mobile applications.

In the field of electrochemical storage, we identify properties such as operating behavior under certain boundary conditions, or the aging behavior of storage cells. Our main focus is cell analysis using simulated and real cycles under defined climatic conditions. Here we analyze the dilatation of the cells, changes to the impedance spectrum as well as post mortem surface changes to the electrodes. The results are used to optimize the design and management of battery systems. Other research work focuses on analyzing the operating behavior of storage systems in their real environment.

In the field of thermal storage, we work on questions regarding storage design, optimizing efficiency and downtime losses, as well as optimum integration of the storage into the overall system. Here we measure, analyze and build models of sensible and latent storage, as well as carrying out simulations.

THU is also working on the optimum integration of fuel cells into stationary and mobile applications. Here the focus is on long-term analysis of operating behavior and designing optimized management systems.


Research Contacts:
Institute for Energy and Drive Technologies

Prof. Walter Commerell, Prof. Gerhard Mengedoht

Institute for Applied Research
Room: A305a
Prittwitzstraße 10
89075 Ulm
Fon: +49 731 96537-782