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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

You'll find the answers to many of your questions about applications here.

If you can't find answers to your questions, then please get in touch with us:

​General queries, applications and enrollment
​Dual study program
Master's degree
​Student Advisory Services
​BAföG, accommodation, catering
​Students´ Union

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

How can I apply?

You can find detailed instructions here.

When is the application deadline for the next semester?

You can find the application deadlines here.

I'd like to join a higher semester. What do I need to consider?

You can find detailed instructions for joining a higher semester here.

I'm a German citizen, but I have a foreign school leaving certificate.

If you acquired your higher education entrance qualification outside Germany, but you are German citizen, then you need to apply to have your higher education entrance qualification recognized by the Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart. You can find more information on how to apply to us here.

I got my qualification outside Germany. What should I click on in the application portal?

Please select the option "Sonstiger Erwerb im Ausland" (qualification from outside Germany) from the drop-down menu. The application process will then require you to upload the official recognition of your qualification and evidence of your language qualification.

What is the difference between application and enrollment?

First of all, you apply for up to 3 degree programs at THU. Then comes the admission offer, which you’ll need to accept. Then you can send off your application for enrollment. Once your application has successfully gone through the checking procedure, you will be enrolled from the start of the semester.

I need to provide proof of a language qualification. Which qualifications are recognized by THU?

English-language qualification (Bachelor):

  • TOEFL IBT: 79 points or above
  • IELTS: grade 6.0 or higher
  • Cambridge Certificate: Number of points at least 160-180, B2 first, Grade B
  • Higher education entrance qualification from an English-language school
  • If you have acquired at least 60 ECTS credits in an English-language degree course
  • A secondary school-leaving certificate (higher education entrance qualification) from any German State, if it explicitly states you have achieved Level B2

German-language qualification (Bachelor):

  • TestDaF certificate: an average of at least TDN 4
  • Higher education entrance qualification certificate from a German international school abroad, where lessons were primarily provided in German
  • Going to a school where all subjects were taught in German, up to and including the ninth year.
  • Successful participation in an assessment test (final examination) at a German Studienkolleg
  • Sprachdiplom der Kultusministerkonferenz, Stufe II
  • Goethe Institute "Kleines Deutsches Sprachdiplom" in cooperation with Munich University
  • Goethe Institute Zentrale Oberstufenprüfung (ZOP)
  • Goethe Certificate C2: Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom

How should I submit my application?

Please apply online via the THU application portal. For a Bachelor's application, you will also need a BID and BAN from in addition. You'll find more detailed instructions about making an application here.

Where can I apply?

THU has its own application portal. To apply for a Bachelor's degree program, you must first register on (to get your BID and BAN). You can apply for a Master's degree program directly. Find out more about applications here.

Which documents do I need for an application?

Bachelor's application:

  • Higher education entrance qualification certificate
  • Course orientation test (in German)
  • Additional documentation for special cases (e.g. foreign higher education entrance qualification, second degree, apprenticeship qualification)

Application for a dual study program:

  • Employment contract with a partner company
  • Higher education entrance qualification certificate
  • Additional documentation for special cases (e.g. foreign higher education entrance qualification, second degree, apprenticeship qualification)

Master's application:

  • Bachelor's certificate
  • Additional documentation for special cases (e.g. foreign Bachelor's qualification, apprenticeship qualification)

Find out more about applications here.

How many degree programs can I apply for?

You can apply for a maximum of 3 degree programs at our University of Applied Sciences. It is important that you set THU to Prio 1 on!

How can I apply to change my degree subject?

Please apply for the new degree program during the next round of applications. If you are admitted and enroll, then you can discuss with your program adviser which of the credits you have already acquired will count towards your new degree. 
If you would like to apply to join a higher semester, you'll find all the necessary information here.

Which Bachelor's degree programs have an unlimited number of study places available?

For more information about your desired degree program, please click here.
(Date: November 2022)

​Computer Science and Engineering
​no limit (no Numerus Clausus)
​Computer Science
​Numerus Clausus (limited places available)
​Computer Science - International Program
​​Numerus Clausus, suitability assessment
​Data Science in Medicine
​no limit (no Numerus Clausus)
​Digital Media
​Suitability assessment
​Digital Production
​no limit (no Numerus Clausus)
​Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
​​no limit (no Numerus Clausus)
​ Energy Information Management
​​no limit (no Numerus Clausus)
​Energy Technology
​​no limit (no Numerus Clausus)
​International Energy Management
​​no limit (no Numerus Clausus)
​Automotive Engineering
​Numerus Clausus (limited places available)
​Computer Science / German Program (INF)
​Numerus Clausus (limited places available)
​Health Information Management
​Numerus Clausus (limited places available)
​Mechanical Engineering
​Numerus Clausus (limited places available)
​Numerus Clausus (limited places available)
​Medical Engineering
​Numerus Clausus (limited places available)
​Production Management
​Numerus Clausus (limited places available)
​Environmental Engineering
​Numerus Clausus (limited places available)
​Business Information Systems
​Numerus Clausus (limited places available)
​Industrial Engineering
​Numerus Clausus (limited places available)

What is the difference between 'Numerus Clausus' and 'no Numerus Clausus'?

Degree programs with limited study places available exist because either there are more students who want to study the course than there are places available, or because there are special conditions which must be fulfilled. Generally, the places are limited using Numerus Clausus – a minimum average grade – or by a suitability assessment.

How are the limited available study places issued?

Study places are issued using the dialog-oriented service process (DoSV), by means of a ranking list. You can find out more here.

Which of THU's subjects participate in

All our THU Bachelor's degree programs participate in the dialog-oriented service process (DoSV), except for the dual study programs.

What does prioritization mean?

If you submit multiple applications, the prioritization determines how likely it is that you will receive an admission offer.
Therefore: make sure you set THU to Prio 1!

What is the difference between a Notification of Admission and an admission offer?

If you have received a Notification of Admission then you can enroll at the THU directly. If you have received an admission offer, you need to actively accept this on the platform.
You’ll find all the important information about enrollment on your Notification of Admission.

What is the status "vorläufig ausgeschlossen" (temporarily excluded) mean on my application?

Please take another look at your application. The remarks there will tell you what you need to do next.

How much are the course fees?

You can find out more about fees here.

I transferred too large an amount, can I have my money back?

Submit an application for a refund (PDF in German) and make a note in the heading that it concerns an overpayment. Then send your application to

I forgot to enter my "Verwendungszweck" (purpose of the payment) or I entered it incorrectly.

If your "Verwendungszweck" is incomplete or incorrect, it is possible that your payment cannot be processed automatically. Please contact

I have received a reminder for payment.

If you have not paid your fees: do so immediately!
If you have already paid: it takes a few days for your payment to be processed. If you made your transfer very recently, it may be that your payment has not yet been processed. Check that you have entered everything correctly (Verwendungszweck/purpose of payment). If you’re still not sure, please contact

What options are there for scholarships?

Find out more about financial assistance for students here.

Which degree program is the right one for me?

If you're looking for inspiration, you could do a course orientation test. Uploading the results of this test is actually a requirement for your application. You can find out more about the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs offered by the THU on the webpage for the relevant degree program. The Student Advisory Service is also happy to answer your questions about studying.

Which Bachelor's degree programs does the THU offer?

You can find an overview of all our Bachelor's degree programs here.

Which Master's degree programs does the THU offer?

You can find an overview of all our Master's degree programs here.

Which degree programs can I study on a dual study program?

You can find an overview of which degree programs you can study using the Ulm Model here.

Where can I get advice?

Feel free to contact the Student Advisory Service and get advice. You can find general information about the degree programs here.

I have not been admitted. Can I still enroll?

If you've gone through the entire application process and not received any kind of admission notification (not even an admission offer), you can still apply for any remaining available study places via the coordinated Clearing process. You can find out more here.

The health insurance company transmits my data electronically. Is there anything I need to watch out for?

Data from your health insurance company are also required for your application/enrollment. The health insurance companies generally transmit the registration certificate to the THU electronically. The important thing is to inform your health insurance company that you are studying with us.

Do I need to do anything else on for enrollment?

If you have accepted your admission offer on, then follow the instructions on your Notification of Admission. Enrollment is carried out by the THU and not via

When does the lecture period start?

You can find the most important dates for the current and upcoming semester here.

Where can I find out more about the preparatory courses?

You can find information about the preparatory courses here.

Once I have been admitted, how long do I have to enroll?

Your Notification of Admission will show you the deadline by which you must enroll.

Which online services do I need to know about, as a student?

You can find a complete overview and instructions here. (PDF to be added)

How do I get to my campus?

THU has two campuses in Ulm: Prittwitzstrasse and Albert-Einstein-Allee. You can find maps and directions here.

Where can I find my timetable?

You'll find your timetable in the LSF. Login with your account data.

My timetable isn't online yet.

The timetables are only put online shortly before the start of lectures. If there is still something missing then, please contact your department.

Do I need to register for my classes myself?

You are automatically registered for classes and examinations during the basic study period. From the main study period onwards, you are responsible for registering yourself.

Where can I buy the Semesterticket?

From any DING sales point, as well as the THU cafeterias and Mensa, upon presentation of your certificate of registration or your student ID card. 
Please remember that before buying a Semesterticket, you'll need to top up the balance on your student ID card (THU-Card) first.

Where do I get a certificate of registration?

You can download certificates of enrollment yourself from the THU student portal. Please note: you need a VPN connection in order to access the student portal.

How can I access my e-mail inbox?

Instructions are available here.

I can't log in to the student portal.

Please remember that you need to initiate a VPN connection first.
If you have not yet received your account data, please send an e-mail to
If you are in a higher semester: Have you re-registered for the next semester? If you have any questions about this, please write an e-mail to

How do I get my student ID card?

Within Germany, the THU-Card – your student ID card – is generally sent by post.

Which degree programs belong to which department?

​Computational Science & Engineering (CSE)
​Department of Mathematics, Natural and Economic Sciences (FAK G)
​Digital Media (DM)
​​Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (FAK E)

​Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (ET)
​Computer Science (CTS)
​Department of Computer Science (FAK I)

​Data Science in Medicine (DSM)
​Computer Science - International Program (ICS)
​Health Information Management (IG)
​Computer Science / German Program (INF)
​Business Information Systems (WIF)
​Automotive Engineering (FZ)
​Department of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering (FAK M)

​Mechanical Engineering (MB)
​Digital Production (DP)
​Department of Production Engineering and Production Economics (FAK P)

​ ​ ​ ​
​Energy Information Management (EIM)
​Energy Technology (ENT)
​Production Management (PM)
​Environmental Engineering (UWT)
​Industrial Engineering (WIN)
​Mechatronics (MC)
​Department of Mechatronics and Medical Engineering (FAK T)

​Medical Engineering (MT)

I have questions about Master's degree programs.

To see the FAQs for Master's degree programs, please click here.

What accommodation options are there?

You can find out about accommodation options here, or directly from the Ulm Students' Union (Studierendenwerk Ulm).

I would like to have my semester fee refunded.

If you are unable to take up your study place, or you get yourself removed from the register of students, you can apply for a refund (PDF in German). Remember, you'll also need to submit one to the Studierendenwerk (Students' Union) as well, or you won't get the whole amount refunded. To receive your refund, please comply with all the deadlines stated on the applications. The one-off service payment for your initial enrollment cannot be refunded.

How can I get myself removed from the register of students?

You can make an application to do this in the student portal. Please also remember to get your Certificate of Exoneration (PDF in German) completed!

How can I re-register myself for the next semester?

You can make an application to do this in the student portal. Please remember to pay your fees, too!

How can I change my personal data?

You can manage your data yourself in the student portal. However, you cannot change some of your data (e.g. names) by yourself. Please write to

How can I organize a leave of absence?

You can make an application to do this in the student portal.